Reptiles in the Movie and Television Industry

Jules Sylvester's Reptile Rentals Inc pic

Jules Sylvester’s Reptile Rentals Inc

Currently serving as a freelance animal trainer and consultant in Los Angeles, California, Josh Ruffell works with a variety of companies in the television and movie industry. Josh Ruffell often works as an animal trainer for Jules Sylvester’s Reptile Rentals Inc. in Thousand Oaks, California, where he works with reptiles and other animals for numerous Hollywood production companies.

Started in 1980, Jules Sylvester’s Reptile Rentals Inc. was created to provide experienced animal trainers to work with animals, in particular reptiles, being used in the movie and television industry. With an incident-free safety record for more than 30 years, Reptile Rentals is highly regarded by the animal care organization the American Humane Association.

Jules Sylvester’s Reptile Rentals has been used in many well-known movie productions, such as Lemony Snicket, Arachnophobia, and Snakes on a Plane. Animal Trainers from the company have also served as snake catchers on out-of-town movie and television sets where native rattlesnakes can potentially cause issues for production cast and crew.

Top Diving Spots in Japan


Miyakojima Island pic

Miyakojima Island

A passionate animal enthusiast, Josh Ruffell works as a freelance animal consultant and trainer for movies and television shows in Hollywood, California. He has worked on numerous productions and served as an animal trainer with the Animal Actors Show at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. Also a fan of scuba diving, Josh Ruffell maintains a PADI SCUBA certification.

Since Japan is an island, the country features a huge range of diving spots that scuba enthusiasts can enjoy. Some of Japan’s top diving destinations include:

Miyakojima Island. Well known for its clear ocean, Miyakojima Island grants divers the chance to view coral reefs and swim with sea turtles. The island also offers a range of underwater tunnels, caves, and arches for more experienced divers.

Yonaguni Island. Found along Okinawa’s Yaeyama Island Chain, Yonaguni Island houses the Yonaguni Monument, a stepped rock formation. This site was first discovered in 1986 and has become one of Japan’s most famous areas to dive. In addition to enjoying the large rock formation, divers can spot hammerhead sharks between May and November.

Chichijima. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Chichijima has been called the Galapagos of the Orient. The area is found roughly 1,000 kilometers south of Tokyo and provides visitors with numerous opportunities for seeing rays, dolphins, and whales.

Zamami. This small island draws in divers for both its beauty and whale preservation efforts. While diving, individuals are granted the chance to view Zamami’s colorful fish and corals, and in the surrounding waters, visitors frequently spot humpback whales.