A Look at the Black Mamba

 Black Mamba pic

Black Mamba
Image: livescience.com

Josh Ruffell is an experienced animal trainer and wildlife consultant who has worked on numerous Hollywood productions. Although Josh Ruffell has a particular interest in reptiles, he has worked with a large variety of species throughout his more than 25 year career in the animal field.

One of the best-known snakes in the world, the black mamba, earns its name from its speed, venom, and aggression. They primarily live in southern and central eastern Africa, sticking to savannas, rocky hills, and coastal bushlands. The name comes not from their coloration but the deep blue black color within their mouths.

The black mamba has a shy temperament, despite its aggression when threatened. During most encounters, it will retreat as quickly as possible, not wanting any kind of confrontation. If it cannot find a path away from a threat quickly, however, it will raise its head, open it’s mouth, and hiss before potentially striking repeatedly.

Envenomation by a black mamba was reportedly always fatal prior to the development of antivenin. In rural areas, however, a bite is often still fatal due to antivenin not being widely available. When humans move into the black mamba’s territory, the resultant encounters often lead to dangerous bites and is detrimental to the species in general.