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How to Become a Certified Diver

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Scuba Diving

During his seven years at Australia Zoo in Beerwah, Queensland, Josh Ruffell held multiple curatorial positions where he worked with a myriad of species in various settings. Outside his professional life, Josh Ruffell enjoys snorkeling and is also a certified diver.

The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) Open Water Diver course is the test to seek out for those looking to become certified divers. The performance-based course is very flexible and can be tailored to work around one’s schedule. For those looking to aggressively make their way through the course, it can be completed in as little as three to four days if home-study options are implemented.

The PADI instructor will work to help a person become more confident and comfortable in the diving environment. For some, this will come easily, but for others it will take longer. So while the course can be completed quickly, the ultimate factor in how long it takes is how well the diver is performing.

There are numerous PADI dive centers around the world that all implement the identical training standards, so the course should be accessible to most who are looking to become certified divers. Contact your local PADI dive shop to find out more about when the course is offered and how to register.