The Largest Snake on the African Continent

African rock python pic

African rock python

Josh Ruffell is an experienced animal trainer and consultant providing services to numerous film and television productions throughout Los Angeles. Over the course of his more than 25 year career, Josh Ruffell has worked with a multitude of animals, including a diverse collection of reptiles during his time as manager of New England Reptile Distributors.

The African rock python is the largest snake on the African continent and one of the largest species of snake in the world. While rock pythons typically grow to between 14 and 16 feet and up to 120 pounds, some specimens may potentially reach lengths of up to 20 feet. As is characteristic of pythons in general, the
African rock python prefers to incapacitate its prey by constriction, sometimes targeting animal’s as large as antelopes or crocodiles.

African rock pythons are not generally kept by reptile enthusiasts due to their volatile temperament, not to mention their impressive size. With that being said, if they are raised from a hatchling by an experienced reptile keeper, they can be a quite manageable and rewarding species to work with in captivity.

When it comes to the African rock pythons parental instincts, it does not lay and abandon its eggs, but rather protects its nest. A female rock python will coil her body around her eggs, keeping them safe and warm for the duration of the incubation period. She may also stay with her babies, watching over them for approximately 2 weeks after hatching.